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About Julie

Julie moved into the world of metaphysics later in life.  At this point in her life she had let go of jobs and situations that no longer resonated with her.  She was floating in the void where the past no longer made sense and the future was unknown.  Through a series of synchronicities she began attending classes at a local metaphysical group where she spent three years focusing on psycho-spiritual growth and opening up to the energetic world around and within us. While there, she learned how to interpret chakra and aura energies.  Julie then completed an intensive distance healing course where she rapidly discovered more of her natural healing gifts.  It was in this class that she connected with people who helped her realize that she has the advanced skills needed to offer her services professionally. Julie continues to explore the spirit world on a deeper level and is always seeking out opportunities to refine and expand her offerings.

Julie combines grounded wisdom gathered from life experiences, college courses in Psychology and Counseling as well as her acute intuitive skills to connect to your guides and deliver messages and guidance for the highest good of all. She interprets chakras and auras using Heightened Sensitivity, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Universal Benevolent Energies to tap into your energy.

Julie gently guides you to your center with kindness, care and gentle honesty.  She believes you are your own expert and sometimes you just need a reminder to deeply trust your own wisdom. 


All sessions are considered sacred, containing a thread of healing through words or energy and something to ponder or consider to move your life forward at your own pace. 

“I’ve had a few sessions with Julie thus far to support my energy. Julie uses her gifts to clear out the things that no longer serve me and is always so considerate and thoughtful in her approach.  Sessions with Julie offer comfort, respect, clarity, light and sometimes beneficial homework!  I’m thankful to have connected with her and receive some relief during life’s heavy times.”     -Elizabeth C.

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