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“Julie is brilliant.  She is consistently tuned in, clear in her communication, on point, and always very loving in what she speaks to me about.  If the topic is difficult, she is both brave and respectful.  She is enthusiastic about my successes and so wonderful to speak with.  I adore working with Julie and think that she is gifted and grace filled.”     -M.M.


“Julie is a natural born healing facilitator. Each time she has worked on me during her assessment and following it I have felt completely balanced and more vibrant. Not only does Julie have the intuitive abilities to tap in quickly to  my energetic strengths but also to any places needing clearing. In addition she asks insightful questions about specific areas that I have not shared previously. A session with Julie feels like a magic wand of angelic love and compassion has washed over me. I have worked with many Energy-Intuitive Practitioners and feel Julie is grounded in an aura of Peace, and her healings not only deliver energetic clearings and boosts of vibrational light but her compassionate energy offers a soft heart awakening. I am grateful for Julie and recommend her to anyone needing assistance in healing.”     -Jennye J.

"Julie connects on a heart to heart level, gently communicating energetically with loved ones who have crossed over. In my mediumship session with her, 2 energies came forward to say hello and give me uplifting messages. The experience was positive, smooth and joyful.  Without hesitation I recommend Julie as a clear conduit to connect you with loved ones who are on the other side."      -Laurie Verdier MA, LPC, Reiki Master

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