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Beyond Right and Wrong

We humans are endlessly fascinating creatures. We are sometimes quick to judge, react, think ourselves into a corner or hold onto older versions of ourselves for dear life in fear of what the new may bring. This plays out both on an individual level as well as collectively.

There is somewhere in our nature that must feel we need to take a side, label ourselves as standing for this or that, making one side right and the other wrong. I gently ask, how does that feel in your body? Do you feel calm and peaceful? Or does it create some sort of disharmony and raise your adrenaline? Do you feel any need for fight or flight?

You are invited to consider what side or sides you have chosen: socially, politically, your favorite sports teams, your favorite foods, etc. Again, feel the energy around those choices and the ones you did not choose.

My little human self has a hard time with decisions in some circumstances, but at this point in my self development I understand the importance of feeling into the energy of things. This requires slowing down, which is not always encouraged or possible in the world we live in. So, I will be one voice that encourages you to slow down when you can and feel into and observe your choices and what you stand for or believe in.

Consider what it might feel like to not be on or for one side...I know, I know, where is the fun in that if we use sports teams as an example. But, seriously, if we are living, working and playing cooperatively and sharing resources, there is no need to take sides. No need to harm one another.

When we take sides, it is easy to slide into making the 'other side' wrong in some way. And then, of course, that makes you right. Yikes. And, again, how does that feel in your body?

In terms of right and wrong, Rumi may have been onto something when he wrote:

"Somewhere beyond right and wrong,

there is a garden.

I will meet you there."

Indeed, I will meet you there, in the garden.

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