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Creative Ways to Slow Down Your Thoughts

I don't know about you, but my mind can often move faster than my body and it can create all sorts of stories that likely aren't even true. It can move so fast that I can't even focus on one thing at a time, causing mistakes or miscommunication.

How shall we slow down the little party in our minds then?

  1. Finger Paints - Young, older or in the middle somewhere, the feeling of putting your hands in thick paint surely is one way to short circuit that wild mind and shift you over to the right side of the brain where much of our free flowing creativity lies. I've got some finger paints on the way to the house now.

  2. Tearing Out Images for Collage - If you do any collage work, tearing out images can be soothing and allow your mind to focus on the pictures.

  3. Drawing or Scribbling Very Slowly - You do not have to create a masterpiece or anything recognizable. This is very literally about slowly moving a pencil, pen or marker slowly across whatever surface you wish to use (paper, cardboard, etc). You could also try Zen Tangles, but for the purpose of slowing down and not worrying about creating anything in particular I suggest just letting yourself go with no purpose in mind.

  4. Playing with Water Colors - There are a ton of videos on You Tube for inspiration, but you can just dabble with this on your own making a rainbow with blue sky in the background or maybe your sky or background is a different color.

  5. Imagine Yourself as a Part of Nature - Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to be a tree, flower, insect, mammal, fish or your favorite thing in the natural environment.

  6. Take yourself to the beach, forest or desert in your mind.

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