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Decisions and People Pleasing

Earlier this week I wanted to make a decision about when to offer a particular class. As one who is detail oriented at times and tries to take others into consideration, I about ran myself up a tree with my thoughts. As part of my process I decided to get out a few of the various divination tools I have here just to see what they each had to say about my decision. I used two different sets of Runes and a few different oracle decks. Ultimately one day did have more positive energy show up using this method. I also took time to consider which day would work the best for me. What a concept!

As a Highly Sensitive Person it is so easy to fall into trying to please everyone. Of course it is nearly impossible to do this and really easy to get caught up in a tangled mind mess or totally exhausted on behalf of others. At this point in my life I really try to catch myself as soon as possible if I am placing far too much energy on pleasing others. My energy is a precious commodity and I want it aimed toward the benefit of all, but first I must be aware of how much energy I have to offer after I have taken care of myself first. Nope, this is not selfish, just totally and completely necessary. We are being Self-Full, not selfish when we take care of ourselves first.

Back to that decision I was trying to make, I ultimately did choose the day with the most positive energy offered through the divination process. It wasn't so much because of that,

but more so I considered what felt best for me. An open weekend with no major activities

won out in the end.

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