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Characteristics of an Ethical Healer, Intuitive or Psychic

At no time do your hands leave the steering wheel. They keep you in the driver's seat. You always maintain control of your life. You may receive guidance and suggestions, but you are then guided and encouraged to follow your own intuition or feelings. You never feel pressured toward one choice or another.

Use of Common Language. They use language you understand. Any techniques are explained in a way that you can grasp. There are some things in the energy world that are challenging to understand because at times we are discussing the unseen world, but at no time should you feel as if the person you are working with is talking above your ability to understand.

Guidance or healing is only offered when requested.

Offers for service are based on client need, rather than fear. At no time do you feel pressure to return for another session. You return because you found comfort or value in the time you spent with the healer or intuitive of your choice.

Honors your vulnerability and safety. Unearthing and exploring the challenging parts of life isn’t always easy. Your healer allows you the space to experience your emotions as they arise. They understand that feeling the feelings is an important part of healing. If you receive a hands on healing, the healer never makes contact with your body in any way that feels or seems uncomfortable. They always ask if there are any areas of the body that you want them to avoid and ask if it is ok to touch at all. Healing can be done above the body or from a distance.

Does not attempt to take the place of a licensed therapist or a medical doctor. Your guide or healer may sense areas they feel are potential areas of concern in your body, but they offer no specific diagnosis and instead they suggest you seek medical or psychological attention.

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