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Feeling Anxious? Be like a tree

Have you ever noticed how trees stand strong through all kinds of weather including wildfire? A wind blows through, the limbs and leaves move with the wind. Rain or snow falls on the branches, yes sometimes a branch breaks, but mostly the tree stays in place never


Wildfire rages through the forest and yet most of those trees are still standing even if they are charred black. How can they keep standing through all this? It's got to be the roots. Without the roots, surely intense weather or fire would knock down many trees if not all.

First Step To Being Like A Tree

What might we learn from these mighty trees and their roots?

Roots provide trees with a strong foundation. They often spread out as wide as the branches expand. We can create this similar foundation with our intentions or thoughts by literally dropping energetic roots into the earth from our tail bone and feet to assist with grounding and our connection to the earth. These roots or grounding cord should be at least as wide as our hips (from the tail bone). Do intend that it is an active and vibrant connection. We can also stand bare footed on the ground to help with that connection, but this is not always practical for day to day living. The beauty of creating your own energetic grounding is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

To Be Like A Tree

Now that we are firmly grounded into the earth, we can be like a tree. Let's say someone tries to rain on your parade with negative comments or anger. Your grounding cord or roots have got that covered. With that grounding cord wide open and activated, those comments and energy connected to them can just fall right down that cord. If you yell at a tree, do you hear it yell back at you? It just stands firmly planted with no reaction. Now if you happen to know anything about energy, say you are an energy worker for instance, you know that energy from others can travel to you and require the awareness to release it or help from a healer to release it. But, the way we react to situations or people around us is really what I am focusing on.

When you are feeling anxious and the world feels overwhelming, let it pass through you as the wind passes through limbs and leaves of a tree. This sounds simplistic, but try it at least once and see how it feels just to stand firmly rooted and let a challenging feeling or comment just pass right on through you without responding. Of course there are situations where this will not be practical, but I just bet there will be a moment or two where you could try this to see how it feels to be like a tree. Trees can be great teachers if we watch and listen.

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