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Grounding Your Energy and Human Self

In these unprecedented times, grounding ourselves is so important. As an energetic being, it is helpful to imagine in your mind’s eye, a line of energy as wide as your hips that runs from your tail bone deep into the earth. If you wish, you can wrap that line of energy around a crystal to secure it. This is your grounding cord. A bonus energetic grounding tool is to open the energetic centers in the bottom of your feet and run energetic lines of energy or roots deep into the earth. When you create your grounding cords, try different colors and feel which colors are grounding to you. Dark blue may work better for you than a more earthy tone like the color of a red jasper crystal. Ok, now let’s consider some things to do for your human self to help with grounding: art work (collage, drawing, painting, clay pottery/sculpture, making jewelry, etc), playing music, singing, holding a crystal or rock in your hand, cooking, baking, walking, stretching, dancing, taking a bath, talking with a loved one or friend, lighting a candle and gazing at it softly or placing your feet directly on the earth. These may be things you’ve heard before, but may not have thought of them as grounding activities. They can help you ground into your body. If you typically move quickly when doing activities, try to slow down even a little bit perhaps by focusing on your breath even just for a few minutes and see if this changes how you feel. Perhaps you would have the sensation of being more grounded or stable and decide to stretch these time periods out even longer the next time. You may have other ways you’ve discovered to get grounded and right now we may all be needing to learn new ways as what has worked in the past may not be working as well right now. As things are shifting and changing, our grounding practices can change right along with everything else if necessary.

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