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Are We Being Called to Create A New Way Forward

We are wading through uncharted waters, times that most of us have never seen in our lifetimes. There are Astrologic and various prophecies from the Mayan Calendar and Native American people who have spoken of these times as being transforming.

Change is not always comfortable. In the middle of it all, there is creativity. The physical kind like collage, painting, making jewelry, making pottery, fiber arts and so on. We need our creativity now and in the future. It keeps the mind flexible and ready for making life decisions.

I invite you to step into a creative project of any kind and observe the steps taken to bring something to life. You get your supplies out and have an idea of what you want to create. Then, part way in something isn't working like you planned. Now what? How can I do this differently? Some of your original idea may still show up in your result, but it may look completely different than you planned. Does this sound like anything we are experiencing now?

We are presented with an opportunity to be supremely creative at this time. The invitation then is to observe the ways you problem solve anything really, keeping your mind open to new and unique solutions. Pump your creative muscles. Keep them in shape. It may mean pulling out some paint, weaving a rug, fixing a car, building a home, creating a new recipe, writing a poem or a diplomacy plan. Consider the pivots, the changes made along the way. Sometimes things turn out better than expected or originally planned.

To exercise my creativity muscles, I recently pulled out some non-toxic paint and stamped my handprints on book pages as well as on white paper. Yes, that is correct, I defiled or added to (depending on how you look at it) some gorgeous images from a coral reef picture book in the name of play and creativity to create something new. Perhaps that is partly what we are being called to consider at this time.

Inspired by the words of a John Hiatt song shared below, may all creations be done with all your heart.

"Through Your Hands"

You were dreaming on a park bench 'Bout a broad highway somewhere When the music from the carillon Seemed to hurl your heart out there Past the scientific darkness Past the fireflies that float To an angel bending down To wrap you in her warmest coat [Chorus:] And you ask, "What am I not doing?" She says "Your voice cannot command. In time, you will move mountains, And it will come through your hands." Still you argue for an option Still you angle for your case Like you wouldn't know a burning bush If it blew up in your face Yeah, we scheme about the future And we dream about the past When just a simple reaching out Might build a bridge that lasts [Chorus] So whatever your hands find to do You must do with all your heart There are thoughts enough To blow men's minds and tear great worlds apart There's a healing touch to find you On that broad highway somewhere To lift you high As music flying Through the angel's hair. Don't ask what you are not doing Because your voice cannot command In time we will move mountains And it will come through your hands

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