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Upcoming Classes

Group classes on hold at the moment, but if you have a group interested in attending a class, I am happy to talk with you about scheduling your group.  

Individual Sessions are available upon request.  Scroll down to Contact area and fill out the contact form stating your interest.  I see the individual session as a more focused session for you to dive a little deeper into your own intuition or higher perspective.   As the facilitator, I will share the SoulCollage® process with you and provide deeper questions for your process if needed.   

All Classes on Zoom

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SoulCollage® Group Session    SoulCollage® tickles the imagination through play with images.  First you create your collage and then your inner wise one speaks from your creation opening you up to self discovery.  Each collage represents a part of you.  A full deck of cards might represent parts of your personality, the roles you play, your social connections or those you admire, your animal companions and the archetypes you carry.  You may choose to create a full deck of cards with all the suits represented or your deck might be entirely driven by your intuition.  The choice is yours. 


Seena Frost, a Marriage and Family Therapist, birthed this process through her love of psychology, archetypes, spirituality and creativity.  Seena would frequently remind people at her workshops that the beauty or artistry of cards being made was not important.  It is the energy coming from the images that matters most.  If you can use scissors and a glue stick, you’re all set to create your first SoulCollage® card. 


SoulCollage® has been a part of Julie’s life since 2015.  New cards are created and added to her deck at least once a month.  Her cards have been useful as a way to tap into her inner guidance system.  She has used her cards as an alternative to meditation when her mind is too restless.  The images help to slow her down into contemplation.  She also likes to pull cards for the new moon and full moon.  One of the things Julie loves most about SoulCollage® is that there are so many different ways to gain insight and to use the cards that are created.  


To learn more about SoulCollage® including a video of Seena Frost discussing the process and how to make a card, click on the website link below.  Then choose Getting Started from the menu bar. There you will find Seena’s video and other basics of the process.

Register For Classes

To Register:  Find the session you wish to attend, Click on Schedule button, then click on 1:30pm, Click on NEXT and complete your payment.  



  • Group Session

    35 US dollars
  • Four Session Discount

    120 US dollars
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